Welcome toYRNF Ascend

The Young Republican National Federation, founded in 1931, has a proud history of promoting conservative principles, engaging young voters, and producing leaders who are now in history books for their work shaping our Party and our Nation.

Generations before us, the YRNF produced the great leaders who made Ronald Reagan a presidential nominee, shaped our modern Republican Party, and helped bring constitutional government to the former soviet bloc. They became Governors, Congressional leadership, federal judges, and great strategic minds.

They were the greatest generations of YRNF.

Young Republicans know that our nation is on a precipice. We must win. We must be stronger than ever. We must leave our country better than we inherited it. It’s time for a new greatest generation of YRNF.

The YRNF Ascend team answered the call for bold new leadership from YR officers across the country. We are committed to building a national organization focused on recruiting and training young conservatives and to ensuring that YRs shape the future of our party and our nation.

We have heard the desire for a state-focused YRNF, listening to your needs, helping you respond to the unique challenges your Federations face, and building resources and opportunities that can be shared with every Young Republican across our nation. We heard the desire for a YRNF that helps you build something great.

We ask you to join us and be part of the next greatest generation of YRNF.

Our Promises

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